Post-Doctoral training

Researchers who hold a PhD or MD degree are welcome to apply for a post-doctoral training at the de Duve Institute. Ongoing research at the Institute is presented under our research pages. Candidates are expected to contact the head of the host laboratory (contact details can be found in our research and research groups pages), to assess space, positions and funding opportunities.

Post-Doctoral fellowships from the de Duve Institute

The de Duve Institute is on the list of institutions recognized by the Belgian government to be eligible for tax-exempt prizes and subsidies. The Institute awards 1-year fellowships, which are renewable once, to young scientists who in principle have not obtained their PhD degree at a Belgian University and who wish to carry out their post-doctoral research within one of our research groups. Candidates must hold a PhD or MD degree, and must be in a situation of “international mobility”, i.e. they should in principle not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Belgium for more than 12 months in the 3-year period before submission of their application for a de Duve Institute fellowship.

How to apply?
It is mandatory to contact the group leader of the laboratory of choice before any application.

Candidates should use the application form, where they will be asked for the following information:

  • a recent photograph;
  • ​a detailed CV;
  • a list of publications (with pdfs);
  • their laboratory of choice, and their interests and accomplishments;
  • a summary of the research project, written by the candidates with input from the host lab;
  • contact details of three referees;
  • other fellowships applied for, if any.

The host laboratory head should provide a statement about the benefits of the post-doctoral training for the candidate and for his/her laboratory.

Applications must be sent by email to Mrs. Nathalie Krack, administrative coordinator, with a copy to the head of the host laboratory. She will then contact the three referees to request reference letters, which will be transmitted with the completed application to the Fellowship Committee.

Semi-annual deadlines for application: March 15 and September 15.

Selection Procedure

  • The de Duve Institute fellowship committee evaluates the applications and ranks the candidates according to scientific excellence. The de Duve Institute's directorate awards fellowships, based on the fellowship committee's recommendations. Candidates and laboratory heads are informed about the decision shortly after the fellowship committee's meeting, which takes place approximately one month after the deadline for applications. The selected candidates may start their work as soon as possible and not later than six months after the date of selection.
  • Candidates are strongly encouraged to present a seminar at the de Duve Institute, prior to the meeting of the fellowship committee. Candidates who, for practical reasons, cannot give a seminar, will be interviewed by fellowship committee members via teleconference.

What is the amount of the fellowship?
The fellowship provides a tax-free monthly allowance of approximately EUR 2800 net. The de Duve Institute covers insurance for accidents at work or on the way from home to work, and offers a partial reimbursement of travel expenses for commuting by public transport.

Candidates, with help of the host lab head, are urged to apply to other fellowships, prior to and after being awarded a de Duve Institute fellowship.

These include fellowships from:

More information on these fellowships is available on the page "Inward Mobility" of the UCLouvain (login necessary).