Equality and diversity

At de Duve Institute, we strive for an environment where all researchers and staff feel welcome and safe. The Institute has a distinctive atmosphere, characterized by a collaborative and inspiring spirit, where individuals can grow their talent and have the liberty to develop their original ideas. The diversity of nationality, gender, social background and cultural heritage strengthens this vibrant atmosphere and adds to the quality of our research, as well as to the enjoyment of work. We therefore attach great importance to promoting inclusiveness, equality and cooperation.

Gender equality

We endorse the objective of the European Research Area (ERA) to improve gender equality in research. More specifically, we believe that gender-balanced teams and consistent attention for gender biases in research will contribute to the excellence of our research. We also aim to optimize conditions for a good work-life balance, which will allow more talented female researchers to stay in science.

Like it has been for many years, more than half of the personnel of de Duve Institute are women (around 56%). At the level of group leaders (PI’s), women are underrepresented, but the proportion of women has been increasing for years and recently the gap has become small (39% women at the end of 2023). We strive to maintain a good gender balance at all levels.

As we operate under the wings of the Health Sciences Sector of UCLouvain, de Duve Institute is included in and adheres to the Gender Equality Plan of UCLouvain. Please find the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) here.


Our employees are the heart and soul of de Duve Institute. They form an international community, with researchers and staff from 44 countries. Maintaining a diverse academic culture is a priority of the institute, as it is key to attract excellent researchers from all over the world and is a fruitful foundation for inspired research. Excellence is the primary criterion when engaging new researchers. The recruitment and selection process takes place in an objective manner, without discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, politics, age, marital status or medical history.


de Duve Institute fully supports UCLouvain’s commitment to zero tolerance of all forms of harassment. This includes the university’s measures to prevent harassment, to investigate complaints brought to its attention and to firmly sanction inappropriate behaviour, while respecting its prerogatives and the fundamental rights of individuals.

If you are – in the frame of your work at the institute - a victim of acts of physical and/or psychological violence, violation of sexual integrity, discrimination, racism and moral or sexual harassment, or if you are a witness of such acts, you can contact any of the resources listed here for confidential assistance.

Statistics on de Duve Institute employees (annual report 2022)