As a company, you can play a major role in helping us better understand diseases to better cure them

What's in it for you

4 reasons to forge a partnership with us

You are helping to improve the lives of patients ... and their families, friends and colleagues

In addition to the longer-term impact of our discoveries, our fundamental research has already led to treatments for certain diseases, where therapies initially intended to cure one disease have been shown to be effective in another.

This is thanks to a better understanding of the mechanism of the disease.

Creativity and excellence are key to you

- By supporting top-level research, you're sending a meaningful message to your teams, your customers and your stakeholders.

- At every moment, our researchers are demonstrating their creativity and thinking outside the box in order to understand better and cure better.

- You can be proud to be associated with researchers who embody excellence and have received impressive awards, starting with the Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to our founder Christian de Duve.

You are building the future

Without fundamental research, there would be no translational and no clinical research (involving patients), meaning there would be no new treatments for diseases.

You will make progress on your UN sustainable development objectives

A partnership with our Institute meets 5 sustainable development objectives: good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure.

Under certain conditions, you may select the disease(s) for which you want to make a difference

What partnership would be optimal for you ?

CSR / ESG partnership

Strengthen your corporate citizenship strategy, give your organisation more meaning or contribute to your sustainable development objectives.

Mobilise your teams

Offer your employees the opportunity to take up a sporting challenge, enjoy a well-being activity together or add meaning to a team-building event.


Dedicate a share of a product's sales to supporting research, launch a contest among your customers to the benefit of the Institute, sponsor one of our events.

Our mutual engagement can make a huge difference.

Whether through a tailor-made partnership or simply a tax-deductible donation