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The more than 250 researchers of de Duve Institute are studying over 100 diseases. Your support will help them find the cures of tomorrow!

The de Duve Institute celebrates its’ 50th anniversary this year. Located on the campus of hospital St Luc, its researchers have contributed to a better medical care for many patients. They have for example made important breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy, diabetes, leukaemia, metabolism diseases and vascular anomalies. Read more about our research.

Together for research

Our researchers team up with friends of the Institute to run or walk the 20 km of Brussels on Sunday 26 May. Support them by making a donation and come to Brussels to cheer them on!

Your donation is tax-deductible from 40 euro. Supporting our runners is easy by clicking on this link.

Our team

Our team now has 9 runners and walkers! You can make a donation to your favorite.

Tiphanie Gomard, Laurence de Villenfagne, Pierre-Hubert Desimpel, Christophe Pierreux,

Isabelle de Duve, Constance Pirson, Manon Mahieu, Pierre Van Meerbeeck

Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you for your trust!