Join the de Duve team

A team of the de Duve Institute will participate in the 20 km of Brussels!

You can join our team, individually or with friends or colleagues.

Take up this sporting challenge while raising money for fundamental medical research

Why participate with us

With more than 40.000 participants, cheered on by enthusiastic supporters lining the entire route, the Brussels 20km is a true popular festival. As a member of our team, it will be an unforgettable day of sport and solidarity.

We count on your efforts to search sponsors for your sporting performance. Mobilise your friends and family and gather funds for research to better understand and cure diseases! Every 50 euros you raise will contribute to progress.

Together, we can make a difference in the pursuit of a healthier future!

You can participate in our team as a runner or walker. The registration fee is 50 euro. For this fee you get:

- inscription to the 20km

- an original T-shirt of quality fabric

- drinks and snacks

- a warm welcome before and after the 20 km

- and most importantly: a great team spirit during a fantastic sporting day

How to register

Simply complete all required fields in the form and pay the registration fee. Then you are all set! We will take care of your registration, bib number and T-shirt.

If you want to participate with friends or colleagues, all participants should register individually.

Registration closes on 23 April.

After registration

We will send you a mail with tips for raising funds and for your preparation to the 20 km. Then, put on your running or walking shoes, start training and encourage your friends and family to support you!

If you have any questions regarding your participation, please send a mail to:

On 26 May, runners will start from 10am in 5 waves. Walkers start at 10.30am and should finish within 5 hours.

Support our team

Our runners and walkers participate for a common cause: fundamental research into the better understanding of diseases and finding better cures.

The 320 researchers, technicians and supporting staff of de Duve Institute are studying over 100 diseases. Your support will help them find the cures of tomorrow!

The de Duve Institute celebrates its’ 50th anniversary this year. Its researchers have contributed to a better medical care for many patients. They have for example made important breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy, diabetes, leukaemia, metabolism diseases and vascular anomalies. Read more about our research.

Your donation goes directly to our research. THANK YOU!

Our team (currently)

Our team now has 26 runners and walkers! You can make a donation to your favorite.

Our runners and walkers:

Tiphanie Gomard, Laurence de Villenfagne, Pierre-Hubert Desimpel, Christophe Pierreux, Isabelle de Duve, Constance Pirson, Manon Mahieu, Pierre Van Meerbeeck, Sophie Quiquempoix, Hernán Andrés Tirado Cárdenas, Constance Gérard, Maxild Libert, Aydine Hendi, Nicolas Delhez, Camille Leducq, Mathieu Jamez, Elias Aajja, Noémie Avalosse, Lucie Samain, Lara Prates, Amélie Derumier, Pauline Leverrier, Alexandre Marbaix, Alain Parthoens, Melina Cervesato... and you ?