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To better cure patients
The de Duve Institute was designed as a biomedical research institute gathering the main disciplines of fundamental biology. Its goal is to advance knowledge for the benefit of medicine.
Its investigators' motto is: "To overcome disease one must first understand it".

To give talented investigators the means to pursue their research
The de Duve Institute recruits high-level investigators from Belgium or abroad, in order to build new teams which will contribute to the progress of Science and Medicine.
The very first teams of the Institute, created in 1974, may be proud of several major discoveries which significantly improved the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Today younger groups have taken over from the founding teams. They need ressources to provide their labs with equipment and recruit young and talended personnel.

To support outstanding research at the de Duve Institute
The reputation of the Institute, originally based on the world-famous discoveries of Christian de Duve's team, has been preserved and even strenghtened in Belgium and abroad thanks to the results obtained by our different teams.

Donations and bequests play a strategic role in funding research of the Institute.
In addition to financing one-year post-doctoral fellowships, sponsorship support new research programs around young gifted scientists until their results enable them to call for conventional funding. The Institute also endeavours to support ongoing research projects in case of delays between two external fundings.

As much as possible and thanks to donations and bequests, the de Duve Institute offers "venture capital" and "bridging loans" to its investigators who are the spearhead of research dynamism and excellence.

Because research is expensive
With 270 investigators and technicians, the de Duve Institute must find 7 to 8% of its annual budget in sponsorship and products from its own financial assets. This represents approximately €1,250,000. This amount gives the Institute the opportunity to grant post-doctoral fellowships, one of the flagship programs of the de Duve Institute allowing the training of young foreign scientists in our laboratories. When their training is over, they are either hired by the Institute or they pursue their careers in different laboratories. This is how the de Duve Institute was able over ther years to create a large and successful international cooperation network.
Sponsorship is also used to cover operating costs or finance equipment for some laboratories or for a specific project set up by a sponsor and the Institute.