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Why donate to the de Duve Institute?

- To better cure patients
- To give talented investigators the means to pursue their research
- To support outstanding research at the de Duve Institute
- Because research is expensive

How to donate to the de Duve Institute?

You can make a gift or a bequest to foster biomedical research at the de Duve Institute.
Your donations will mainly finance our post-doctoral fellowship program which strenghtens and promotes the worldwide cooperation network of the de Duve Institute. You may also make a donation for a specific research area or team. It's up to you.

The Institute takes part in the campaign of 

Every year, organizes a national campaign in order to inform the general public about the different possibilities of bequeathing property to a just cause. Their motto says "Even though you have passed away, your influence still lives on. More than you will ever imagine." This campaign gathers about 100 associations. The de Duve Institute has been part of it since 2015.

Development and Expansion Council (DEC) and Friends of the de Duve Institute

The members of the DEC, currently supervised by Baron Luc Bertrand, have the statutory mission of helping the Institute to achieve its goals.

The Friends of the de Duve Institute are invited each year to visit our Institute and examine the allotment and results of sponsorship.

Our audited annual accounts are published in full transparency on:

Donorinfo is an independent public utility foundation offering objective and transparent information to any person willing to support a philanthropic organization.

Financial statement 2019:

Here is our financial statement for the year 2019.

Memorable moments we shared for a good cause.