Mini-symposium on macrophages

Van Vrijdag 8 Mei 2015, 13:00 tot Vrijdag 8 Mei 2015, 19:00

This short meeting on macrophages is primarily organized for PhD students, as an activity supported by the « Ecole doctorale d’immunologie/EDIM » and by the FNRS contact group on immune micro-environment.

Presentations and discussions will be in english.



13h30: Registration

13h50: Welcome

14h00 – 14h40: F. Bureau (ULg) : Characterization and ontogeny of lung monocytes and macrophages. 

14h40 – 15h20: F. Huaux (UCL) : IL-1 alpha induces alveolar macrophage proliferation and maturation during granuloma formation.

15h20 – 15h35: B. Schepens (Ghent U.): Antibody dependent phagocytosis of influenza and HRSV infected cells.

15h35 - 15h50: S. Legrain (UCL): Protective role of type I IFN in LDV-exacerbated autoimmune anemia

15h50 – 16h20: Break time

16h20 – 17h00: R. Hughes (University of Sheffield, UK): Tumor-associated Macrophages: Mediators of Tumour Relapse Post-therapy.

17h00 – 17h40: J.A. Van Ginderachter (VIB): Macrophage plasticity in the tumor micro-environment.

17h40 – 17h55: M. Vandereyken (ULg): Genetic depletion of the dual specificity protein phosphatase DUSP3 promotes LLC Lung tumor metastasis. 



Attendance is free.

Registration is requested before April 28 (contact JP Coutelier by e-mail :


General discussion and short communications

Participants are invited to submit by e-mail (, an abstract that may present new models, new advances, challenging views, unsolved questions.

These abstracts should deal with the general topics (macrophages).

The deadline for submission of abstracts is April 28.

2-4 presentations will be selected and authors will have 10 minutes to present their data. Priority will be given to PhD students.


Discussions with the speakers

PhD students from EDIM are invited to discuss their results with the speakers who could be available, based on appointements to be taken for the morning of May, 8.

Interested students should contact before April 28




de Visscher Auditorium
Avenue Hippocrate 74 (Ground Floor)
1200 Brussels