9:30 – 11:10    Oral presentations - Chairpersons : Louise Conrard & Christopher Lang

9:30     Welcome Speech – Profs. Sophie Lucas, Jean-François Collet & Christophe Pierreux

9:40     Spatio-temporal expression pattern of the junctional protein MarvelD3 during mouse development and MarvelD3 gene inactivation
            by CRISPR-Cas9: focus on the pancreas (Charlotte Heymans) - voted best oral presentation

10:05   Pancreatic tumorigenesis: role of ErbB receptors (Nora Meyers)

10:30   Effects of new PKR phosphorylation sites on antiviral response (Teresa Cesaro)

10:55   Implement your findings: your contribution to society – Support from LTTO (Marlène Dubuisson)




11:10 - 11:30   Coffee Break

11:30 -­ 13:00   Oral presentations -­ Chairpersons : Simon Klaessens & Sara Lecomte

11:30   Bio-Rad ZE5TM Analyzer: Fast Forward in Flow Cytometry (Pieter J. Meuwissen)

11:45   Deciphering the role of transcription factors in human anti-tumor CD8 T cell dysfunction (Thibault Hirsch)

12:10   Deciphering the role of HELIOS in human CD8+ lymphocytes (Damien Neyens)

12:35   Analyzing human T-cell immunosuppression mediated by MDSCs in ovarian cancer patients (Christophe Vanhaver)




13:00  14:20   Lunch and Poster Session                                                                       

14:20 -­ 15:50   Oral presentations -­ Chairpersons : Camille Michiels & Marie Solvay

14:20   BD Life Sciences – BD Biosciences: from multicolor flow cytometry to single cell multiomics (Mireille Van Gele)

14:35   Comprehensive analysis of PDGFRB alterations for precision medicine in infantile myofibromatosis: lessons from a cohort of 69 patients
           (Guillaume Dachy)

15:00   Genetic causes of endothelial-related diseases (Nassim Homayun Sepehr)

15:25   Redundant role of SLC35A1 and SLC35A4 in the transport of CDP-ribitol across the Golgi membrane (Benoît Ury)




15:50  16:30   Coffee Break & Poster Session                                                 

16:30 -­ 17:45   Oral presentations -­ Chairpersons : Antoine Delhaye & Elsa Khoury

16:30   Combined blockade of Pd1 and Garp:Tgf-β1 shows preclinical anti-tumor efficacy (Grégoire de Streel)

16:55   Role of TGF-β1 activation mediated by GARP in immune responses to protein immunization and autoimmune diseases (Xuhao Zhang)

17:20   Deciphering the role of GARP in TGF-β1 activation at the surface of stimulated endothelial cells (Charlotte Bertrand)

17:45  19:30    Closing drink 


Organizers: Simon Boutry, Anna Diacofotakis, Nathalie Kyalu Ngoie Zola, Fanny Lambert, Kevin Missault, Ariane Sablon