10:00 – 11:10    Oral presentations - Chairpersons: Raphaële Bombart

10:00   Welcome Speech – Prof. Christophe Pierreux

10:10    What is going on with blood vessels during pancreatitis? (Elias Aajja)

10:25    Novel combination therapies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer (Margaux Wulleman)

10:40   Identification of co-activator(s) of TGF-ß1 at the surface of activated Tregs (Mathieu Jamez)

10:55   Miltenyi (Platinum sponsor)



11:10 - 11:40   Coffee Break & Chat with Sponsors

11:40 -­ 12:40   Oral presentations -­ Chairperson: Christophe Vanderaa

11:40   Transcriptional overlap links DNA hypomethylation with DNA hypermethylation at adjacent promoters in cancer (Jean Fain)

11:55   Proximity labelling assay reveals the interplay between key processes during the attack of the bacterial predator Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus (Ophélie Remy)  - elected best oral presentation

12:10   Structural basis of oncogenesis by mutants of calreticulin (Nicolas Papadopoulos)

12:25  ThermoFisher Scientific (Platinum sponsor)



12:40  13:40   Lunch Break & Chat with Sponsors                                                                       

13:40  14:40   Oral presentations -­ Chairperson: Pierre Van Meerbeeck

13:40   Genetic predisposition to systemic sclerosis (Pierre Maus)

13:55   Impact of the phosphorylation of single stranded RNA viruses RNA-dependent RNA polymerases on viral replication (Camille Duflos)

14:10   The journey of lipoproteins through the LolCDE complex (Alexandre Thurman)

14:25   Bio-Techne (Platinum sponsor)



14:40  15:40    Poster Session & Chat with Sponsors

15:45  16:30   Oral presentations -­ Chairperson: Francesco Caligiore

15:45   Understanding and targeting aspartate metabolism in the leukemic niche (Hernan Andres Tirado Cardenas)

16:00   Identification of pancreatic cell types in the origin of human pancreatic cancer (Memoona Rajput Bhatti)

16:15   Functional testing of candidate genes for Familial Hodgkin Lymphoma (Hiba Maalouf)

16:30 - 17:00     Coffee Break & Vote for Best Presentation/Poster                                                 

17:00 – 17:30    Awards & Concluding remarks

17:30  18:30   Closing drink



Organizing CommitteeElias Aajja, Lucas Potier, Pierre-Hubert Desimpel, Joanne Péters


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