Platform Laboratory Animal Facility (LAF)



The mission of the sectorial platform Laboratory Animal Facility (LAF) of the Health Science Sector of UCLouvain is to produce mice under SPF health status for academic research use, with no commercial purpose. The technological platform has been created to provide services to institutes of the Health Science Sector and collaborating teams.



LAF is located at Carl Von Linné building of the UCLouvain medical campus and is composed of 13 mouse production rooms and one laboratory equipped with sanitization setups.



LAF hosts 80 different mouse strains both non-genetically and genetically modified (for a more detailed list, please contact the operational manager).

The health status of LAF is monitored by a sentinel program. Sentinels are sent to an approved laboratory every quarter (QM Laboratories or equivalent) for an annual full FELASA test and three quarterly FELASA tests. 

For the introduction of any new strain, mice are first housed in the quarantine room (room 759960-20, tower ICP75) then sanitized by embryo transfer prior to transfer to the LAF.

Mice produced at the LAF will be delivered to the researcher on the agreed date.



National and European ethical regulations are implemented. Generation and use of mouse lines require prior approval by the relevant university ethic committee. Obtaining approvals is the responsibility of platform users.




For further information, please contact the operational manager:

Pedro Gomez 

Avenue Hippocrate 75, B1.75.10

1200 Bruxelles

(+32) 02 764 56 29