Revolutionizing Gene Expression with Single Cell RNAseq and Spatial Transcriptomics - a new platform available at the de Duve institute

Du Mardi 25 Octobre 2022, 09:00 au Mardi 25 Octobre 2022, 14:00
10x Genomics is pleased to invite you to their joint seminar “Revolutionizing Gene Expression with Single Cell RNA-seq and Spatial Transcriptomics” organized in collaboration with the Duve Institute, where a brand-new 10X single cell sequencing platform is just established.

The event will be held on Tuesday 25th of October,

This will be a morning event, including lunch, where you can hear about the latest developments in the field of single cell and spatial RNA sequencing - from sample prep to data analysis.

The aim of this meeting is to introduce the new 10X single cell sequencing platform from de Duve Institute. In addition, the event will help transfer knowledge, give an opportunity to network with those undertaking similar experiments, and support researchers interested in single-cell and spatial transcriptomics. 

Please see below the agenda for this exciting seminar!

Register following the link: https://pages.10xgenomics.com/Marusya-Lieveld.html


10h00 Welcome, Introduction by head of the platform - Pr. Laure Dumoutier (de Duve Institute)

10h05 Presentation on Single Cell by 10x Genomics

A)    Single cell RNA-seq: An introductory overview of single cell pipelines for getting started
B)    Fixed RNA Profiling: a streamlined single cell workflow for fixed cells and FFPE tissue
C)    Single Cell Sample Preparation: Best Practices”

11h30 Single-cell transcriptional profiling to define the mechanism of action for anti-cancer therapeutics - Dr. Jingjing Zhu (de Duve Institute) 

12h00 Lunch Break 

12h45 A deep dive into the tissue with Spatial Transcriptomics by 10X Genomics

13h15 Introduction of the single cell sequencing platform in de Duve Institute

Data acquisition: Professor Laure Dumoutier (de Duve Institute)
Data management: Dr. Raphaël Helaers (de Duve Institute)
Data analysis - Professor Laurent Gatto (de Duve Institute)
13h45 Closing remarks and networking coffee
Venue: UCL - de Duve Institute, Michel de Visscher Auditorium Building 74, Avenue Hippocrate 74-75, Brussels-Woluwe


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de Visscher Auditorium
Avenue Hippocrate 74 (Ground Floor)
1200 Brussels


Avenue Hippocrate 75
1200 Brussels