Available positions within the de Duve Institute (UCLouvain):

November 27
Research Assistant in Prof. van der Bruggen's lab - Full time - Permanent position (renewable)
October 28
Lab technician in Prof. Lucas' lab - Full time - One-year position (renewable)
October 7
Electromecanical engineer - Full time - Six-month contract (renewable as a permanent position)
October 7
PhD student in Prof Benoît Van den Eynde's lab - Full time
October 3
PhD student or PostDoc fellow in Prof Laurent Gatto's lab - Full time - Four- / Three-year (respectively) position
August 7
Postdoc fellow in Profs Lucas and Limaye's lab - Full time - Two-year position (potentially renewable)
June 13
Postdoc fellow in Prof. Demoulin's lab - Full time - One-year position (renewable)