De Duve Institute

Therapeutic vaccination and tumor expression profiling

Group Leader
Nicolas van Baren

Nicolas van Baren
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Brussels Branch
LICR - B1.74.03, Avenue Hippocrate 75, 3rd floor
B-1200 Brussels
phone (direct) : 32 (0)2 764 75 33
fax : 32 (0)2 764 65 65
e-mail: Nicolas Van Baren

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Research topics

The therapeutic vaccination and tumor gene expression-profiling group develops clinical vaccination trials in cancer patients, and analyzes tumor samples obtained from vaccinated patients, in order to characterize the interaction between cancer and immune cells inside the tumor environment.

1. Therapeutic vaccination with MAGE tumor antigens : We set up and run small-scale, early phase clinical trials aimed at evaluating the safety, the antitumoral effectiveness and the immunological response associated with various types of cancer vaccines containing tumor-specific antigens, in patients with advanced cancer, mainly melanoma.

2. Expression profiling of tumor samples from vaccinated patients : Tumor samples obtained from melanoma patients are analyzed by a combination of expression microarrays and immunohistochemistry, with a focus on the functional and topographical interaction between the tumor environment and the immune cells.