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Representative publications :

Subtelomeric DNA hypomethylation is not required for telomeric sister chromatid exchanges in ALT cells.
Tilman G, Loriot A, Van Beneden A, Arnoult N, Londoño-Vallejo JA, De Smet C, Decottignies A.
Oncogene. 2009 Apr 9;28(14):1682-93. Epub 2009 Mar 2.

Loriot A, Sterpin C, De Backer O, De Smet C.
Mouse embryonic stem cells induce targeted DNA demethylation within human MAGE-A1 transgenes.
Epigenetics. 2008, 3:38-42.

Kholmanskikh O, Loriot A, Brasseur F, De Plaen E, De Smet C.
Expression of BORIS in melanoma: lack of association with MAGE-A1 activation.
Int J Cancer. 2008, 122:777-84.

Decottignies A.
Microhomology-mediated end joining in fission yeast is repressed by pku70 and relies on genes involved in homologous recombination.
Genetics. 2007, 176:1403-15

Tilman G, Mattiussi M, Brasseur F, van Baren N, Decottignies A.
Human periostin gene expression in normal tissues, tumors and melanoma: evidences for periostin production by both stromal and melanoma cells.
Mol Cancer. 2007, 6:80.

Loriot A, De Plaen E, Boon T, De Smet C.
Transient down-regulation of DNMT1 methyltransferase leads to activation and stable hypomethylation of MAGE-A1 in melanoma cells.
J Biol Chem. 2006, 281:10118-26

Decottignies A.
Capture of extranuclear DNA at fission yeast double-strand breaks.
Genetics. 2005 Dec;171(4):1535-48.

De Smet C, Loriot A, Boon T.
Promoter-dependent mechanism leading to selective hypomethylation within the 5' region of gene MAGE-A1 in tumor cells.
Mol Cell Biol. 2004, 24:4781-90.

Loriot A, Boon T, De Smet C.
Five new human cancer-germline genes identified among 12 genes expressed in spermatogonia.
Int J Cancer. 2003, 105:371-6.

De Smet C, Lurquin C, Lethé B, Martelange V, Boon T.
DNA methylation is the primary silencing mechanism for a set of germ line- and tumor-specific genes with a CpG-rich promoter.
Mol Cell Biol. 1999, 19:7327-35.