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iTeos Therapeutics is a unique opportunity to join a private, biology-driven and preclinicalstage company. In 2012, iTeos Therapeutics, a spin-off of Ludwig Cancer Research and de Duve Institute at the Université catholique de Louvain, focusing on the discovery and development of first-in-class small molecule drugs that stimulate the immune system's ability to detect and eliminate cancers. iTeos will validate their therapeutic use in preclinical and clinical models to improve the efficacy of cancer treatments, with an initial focus on the improvement of cancer immunotherapies.
The company offers a stimulating challenge for talented scientists and drug developers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

We are looking for :


with experience in:
1. Position 1: in vitro pharmacology (based in Gosselies)
2. Position 2: in vivo pharmacology (based in Gosselies)
3. Position 3: biomarker validation (immunohistochemistry) (based in Brussels, UCL Woluwé)

Professional Skills & Experience

Required skills

Position 1: in vitro pharmacology

- mammalian cell lines culture
- cellular and enzymatic assays
- qRT-PCR, Western blot, ELISA, flow cytometry

Position 2: in vivo pharmacology

- FELASA B/C certified
- studies with tumor models
- pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies

Position 3: biomarker validation - immunohistochemistry

- good organization and communication skills with different partners
- clinical sample processing for immunohistochemistry
- optimization of immunohistochemistry protocols
- screening of clinical samples
- quantitative analysis and data interpretation

• Be part of a team focused on the discovery, development and preclinical validation of innovative immunomodulators for cancer therapy
• Ensure high productivity and laboratory safety
• Communicate very effectively in written and oral form
• Participate actively in project meetings and other collaborative committee meetings, and share openly his/her scientific ideas, and technology knowledge. Assume responsibility for executing strategic initiatives within the function
• Contribute to various aspects outside own scientific area, and collaborate with stakeholders from all relevant functions.


• Background in cellular and/or tumor immunology
• Background and experience in immunology-related techniques (multiplex immunoassays, immune cell isolation and primary lymphocyte cell culture)



• Bachelor/Master in science or equivalent in immunology, oncology, biochemistry or a closely related field, and >3 years of experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry or in a similar academic position is an asset. Years of experience required can vary depending on the qualifications of the candidate.

Personal Skills & Competence

• Independence to design, execute and interpret experiments
• Experienced, rigorous, detail-oriented, autonomous and highly motivated
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Strong team spirit and excellent interpersonal skills
• Adequate and timely reporting


The purpose of these positions is to develop the company's research efforts in small molecule immunomodulators discovery and development. The responsibilities will include assay development and implementation of in vitro an in vivo pharmacological assays as well as IHC target validation & screening to enable the progression of new small molecule therapeutics.

Primary Location:

Gosselies (position 1&2) and UCL-Brussels (position 3), Belgium

iTeos Therapeutics offers competitive compensation salary and benefits commensurate with experience level, as well as an opportunity to work within modern and well-equipped facilities.
Employment is compatible with a choice of lifestyles either in the surrounding, rural communities, or the cosmopolitan, European capital of Brussels within commuting distance.

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Please send your resume and motivation letter to until
September 15th 2014.