De Duve Institute

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The de Duve Institute is a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute hosting several laboratories of the faculty of medicine of UCL (Université catholique de Louvain), as well as the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute.

Research in the de Duve Institute is based on three principles:
- priority to basic research and to the freedom of the investigators
- special attention to medical benefits potentially resulting from basic discoveries
- multidisciplinary collaboration within a critical mass of competences
De Duve
Christian de Duve
The Nobel Prize, 1974
in Physiology or Medicine

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Le 22 octobre 2014 à 19h30
à Tour & Taxis
  SOX9 regulates ERBB signalling in pancreatic cancer development
Chaire Francqui
au titre belge 2013-2014


Cette année, l'Institut de Duve fête ses 40 ans (1974-2014) lors d'une soirée de gala exceptionnelle.


Film "40 ans de recherche"



The team of Patrick Jacquemin and Frédéric Lemaigre investigated the role of the transcription factor Sox9 in pancreatic cancer and found that Sox9 was expressed at higher levels in a tumor subtype which is associated with better patient outcome and better response to therapy targeting the EGF receptor.


  Titre : Lis-moi ton génome, je te dirai qui tu es


Prof. Michel Georges




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    Gut, 2014, Grimont et al.