De Duve Institute


Immunology, Cytokines & Hematology

Viral Persistence & Interferon Response

Thomas Michiels
Theiler's virus persistence in the central nervous system
Interferons: type I and type III interferons

Viral Immunity & Pathogenesis

Jean-Paul Coutelier
Influence of ongoing viral infections on autoimmune reactions
IFNgamma in immune reactions and autoimmune pathologies

Regulation of T Lymphocyte Function in Tumors

Pierre van der Bruggen
Human tumor antigens recognized by T lymphocytes
T cell response of cancer patients Anergy of human CD8 T lymphocytes

Growth Factor Receptors

Jean-Baptiste Demoulin
Signal transduction and gene regulation by growth factors Activation of receptor- tyrosine kinases in cancer

Human Tumor Immunology

Pierre Coulie, Sophie Lucas
Vaccination of cancer patients with defined tumor antigens recognized by T lymphocytes is followed by objective tumor regression in a minority of patients. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms of these tumor regressions and the reasons for their rarity

Tumor Immunology & Antigen Processing

Benoît Van den Eynde, Etienne De Plaen
Building up on the molecular definition of tumor antigens recognized by T cells, our group mainly focuses on two aspects of tumor immunology, namely the processing of tumor antigens and the study of animal models to optimize cancer immunotherapy and evaluate tumor resistance mechanisms.

Cytokines Activities & Signaling

Jean-Christophe Renauld
Analysis of IL-9 and IL-22 functions

Signal Transduction & Molecular Hematology

Stefan Constantinescu
Orientation-dependent signaling of cytokine receptor
Physiologic versus oncogenic signaling JAK2 V617F and human myeloproliferative diseases