De Duve Institute



Protein Repair & Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Emile Van Schaftingen, Maria Veiga da Cunha
Protein deglycation
Neurometabolic disorders

Nucleoside Analogues in Leukaemia

Françoise Bontemps, Eric van de Neste
Mechanisms of action (activation, metabolism, apoptosis pathways,…) Mechanisms of resistance and search for improved efficacy

Protein Folding in Bacteria

Jean-François Collet
Oxidative protein folding in the periplasm Outer-membrane biogenesis

Protein Phosphorylation

Mark Rider
Control of cell function by insulin and AMP-activated protein kinase
Mass spectrometry

Metalloproteinases & Endometrium

Etienne Marbaix, Patrick Henriet
Local control of metalloproteinases expression and membrane control of MMPS activity
Endometrial xenografts

Trypanosome Metabolism

Paul Michels
Biology of glycosomes (assembly, metabolism...)
Metabolic capacities of trypanosomatids

miRNAs in physiology and disease

Guido Bommer
Role of the miRNAs downstream of the tumor suppressor p53 in cancer
Role of miRNAs in intestinal differentiation